Emma & Paul
3rd Sept 2005


Booking Your Flight
There are many companies and websites that will be able to help you find the perfect flight that suits your needs but here are just a few:


Your local travel agent will also be happy to help but the above websites you can book it all on line and pay with a credit card.

We can personally recommend from experience either Qantas/British Airways or Singapore Airlines as very good carriers.

Arriving in Australia (Brisbane Airport)
You will need to fly to Brisbane Airport (www.bne.com.au) and you can do that many ways. The cheapest and quickest way it to fly is direct from the UK (Heathrow) with a short couple of hours stop off for refueling in Singapore. If you wanted to take a couple of days to get to Australia then there are many places you can stop off, the most popular one being Singapore. Hong Kong and Dubai or also alternatives but the flights times are longer and costs are a bit more.

Brisbane Airport to Accommodation Transfers
Once you arrive in Brisbane it is just a short 1 hour trip up to Mooloolaba. The best way to transfer to Mooloolaba is by Sun-Air airport transfers (www.sunair.com.au/pages/framewhere.html). They will pick you up from the airport to your booked accommodation with no fuss (booking normally required). There are 2 terminals at Brisbane Airport, an international terminal and a domestic terminal. When you book be sure to tell them you need picking up from the International terminal.

Sunshine Coast Airport
Some of you may have realised that we live only 10 minutes away from the Sunshine Coast Airport (www.sunshinecoastairport.com). Unfortunately this only operates internal flights within Australia and not international flights. However, if you fly internationally to another large airport in Australia for some reason (say Cairns or Sydney) then the can get very cheap internal flights that will bring you to the Sunshine Coast Airport rather than getting a connecting flight to Brisbane Airport. There are two main airline carriers that operate these flights:
JetStar (www.jetstar.com.au) owned by Qantas
Virgin Blue (www.virginblue.com.au) owned by Virgin International.

Sunshine Coast Airport Transfers
Since the Sunshine Coast Airport is located just minutes away from Mooloolaba the best way to get to your accommodation is by taxi (no need to book as there are plenty at the airport) or give us a call and we can come along and pick you up (if we are still sober).

Wedding: 3rd Septmeber 2005